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Why Choose Nikki's PET SERVICES?




Your pet will stay clean at home; no extra charges for post kennel bathing.

Pricing is lower than other local pet sitters.

Your pet will stay healthier at home; no extra charges for medical care due to exposure to viruses or parasites. No worries about kennel cough, fleas, or other dog to dog illnesses.

Charges are per visit.  You pay only for the time you need. Never worry about running late as there are no extra charges due to limited pick-up or drop off hours.

Playtime is always included! No extra charges for companionship, or personal attention.

$22         vs.       $18

Local Competitor's     Nikki's Pet Services

Pet Sitting                     Pet Sitting




Unlike other local companies or larger corporations like Wag or Rover; we do not subcontract. Nikki is the sole operator of the entire company.

The same person will be caring for your pet every day so that trust and affection may develop between not just Nikki and your pet but with you as well.

Your pets will be relaxed and comfortable in the clean, quiet, familiar environment of their own home.

No need to stress about bothering neighbors or relatives to care for your pets and home.


Before Nikki can care for your pets, a FREE consult is recommended. These are offered on weekdays, but special arrangements may be made for weekends. Having a consultation allows both you and your pet(s) to feel more comfortable.  Also, at this time if your pet has any special needs you can let Nikki know.


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